Class begins at 9:30 a.m. Please arrive a few minutes early to register.


On your first day, you will be given a test to help us know which class is best for you.


We have 10 different classes.


If your class is too easy or too difficult, please talk to Amy, the director,  about changing classes. Please try a new class 3 times before making a decision to change classes.


Please bring a pen and some paper to use during class.


This program is over 30 years old. Almost everyone who works with us volunteers their time. This means they are not paid. They are here because they want to help you! Get to know them!





We provide limited transportation. If you need transportation and we have an empty seat on one of our vans, we might be able to pick you up.


You must provide a carseat for your children.





Childcare is available during class time. If you arrive early, please keep your children with you until it is time for class, then drop them off on the way to your class.


If your child has any allergies or health issues, please write those down and let your child's nursery workers know. We provide a small snack for older children.


We want everyone to stay healthy. If your child is sick, please stay home. If your child had a fever, please wait until the fever is gone for 24 hours (without using medicine to lower it) before coming to class.




Please contact our director, Amy Wheeler-Sullivan.

(706) 424-1891 or